Danel AI Score App Main Interface

All S&P 500 and STOXX 600 companies are rated with daily scores by our Machine Learning algorithms. The global Smart Score takes into account all the available data in the market, while the separate Fundamental, Technical, and Sentiment Scores allow you to have a detailed view of all the data you need.


Danel AI Score App Alpha Signals

For each company there is a report screen, where you can see in detail the alpha signals indicators. These are the signals that make up the global Smart Score. The alpha signals that have undergone a significant change compared to the previous day are highlighted.


Danel AI Score App Watchlist

With the watchlist feature you can track the daily evolution of the scores of the stocks in your portfolio. If you have several portfolios, you can create as many watchlists as you want to keep track of their evolution.


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AI Power for Better Stock Selection

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Danel AI Score App
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Use equity rating scores, based on all the market data that influences stocks performance, to take better portfolio management decisions. 

All the Fundamental, Technical, Sentiment and Alpha Signals data you need to take better decisions, in a single application.

We support more than 900 Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment data points per day per company, transformed into more than 10,000 daily indicators analyzed by our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.

All the Data You Need in One Place

10,000 Data Points Analyzed Daily

Try for free our SP 500 and STOXX 600 Stock Scoring Platform, which analyzes and rates companies using AI and Big Data, based on the probability of outperforming the market. 

Danel AI Score App

Danel AI Score App
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Daily Smart Score
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Daily Evolution Scores

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Sentiment Scores
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Main Features

Predictive Power

Average Alpha After 90 Market Days

The higher the score, the higher the probability of generating alpha

Smart Score (1 to 10)

Start date: 26/06/2017

Finish date: 06/09/2019

Trading days: 554

The results show the alpha success rate of 554 equally weighted portfolios for each Smart Score (10 portfolios every day) after 90 market days. The distribution of Smart Scores among the STOXX 600 companies follow a Gaussian function every day.

AI Power for Portfolio Management